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WOW! what a great time and I'm not just "kissin-arss" when I say SUPERIOR GUIDE!!!Went out with Paul yesterday for my first sturgeon trip. Ran up the river a few miles which, with the cold weather, felt like a triple dose of the worst ice cream headache ever...I don't know how you do that Paul. He stands in the back of the sled, faces the wind and motors up to the biggy right? we launched at 29degrees and probably motored into the wind at 20+ mph.... I don't know the wind-chill calculation but I've eaten ice cream real fast before and had a huge pain on my forehead...this was worse...and he just braves through it like its another day at the're one tough dude!!! (and he only wore a tank top...just kidding)Got to the spot and within 5 minutes we're getting hit...then another...then another.....I think we had a 15 (maybe) minute spell without a hit. basically non-stop action. Unfortunately the weather and I'm talking Westport bar weather came at us fast and soon we were realizing 6-8 foot swells with white caps (no $hi#)and 20+wind gusts... we headed back to the shoreline and then to the dock to wait it out.....didn't happen and the trip was cut short because the weather kept getting worse and Paul's professional attitude for safety was right on. Damn it got nasty out there!by 1100 we had two keepers in the boat at 39.5 and 40 inches respectively....a dozen that were close but no cigar and another 8 or more that were just plain 1-2 foot shakers and a few that were more clever than the guy setting the hook wink: we counted three "doubles for the 4 of us during the trip.just saying....this guy is good. he lets my boy learn how to bait it up and cast it out resulting in an almost keeper....lets you set the hook or he'll set it for ya and just makes the whole trip one of the best fishing experiences I've ever had......we were:... "Hey look at those guys!.....THOSE guys have ANOTHER ONE on! and the ultimate....wish I was in THEIR boat" Pretty good feeling.Ya know when it's "hot" like that, you'd think that everyone was hooking up...I know that there were at least 6 other guides out there plus several privately owned....we were the only ones that brought in fish....
Bob in Edgewood, Wa


If anyone wants to have an amazing fishing trip, you need to book a trip with Paul Ambrose. My first trip with Paul in July of this year was for steelhead. We fished on the Columbia by Beacon Rock. The trip began at 5:45 am and by 6:15 am my pole was slammed down to the water and I didn’t even need to set the hook. As I was reeling the fish in I commented to Paul that this had to be a salmon about 25 lbs. After we netted the fish , it was a King weighing about 25 lbs. A hell of a way to start the day. We caught approximately 20 steelhead but most of them were native and had to be released. After several trips with Paul for steelhead which were always successful, I decided to try my luck with Sturgeon fishing. In Sept. we went out on the Columbia again. There were 6 members of my family on board. Fishing was really hot that day. Each of us were able to reel in at least 3 Sturgeon apiece most of which were shakers. We wound up with a 1 keeper. Paul knows where the fish are, keeps on top of all regulations, knows the right baits to use, and treats his clients well. Even if it is only catch and release, you are bound to have a great time fishing with Paul.
Brent Finkbeiner


When I go out fishing for Fall Chinook again, I’ll definitely be in touch with Paul. His boat is set up great, he’s well prepared, courteous to other boaters, knows where the fish are, and most importantly down to earth and easy to work with. While out, we landed 3 chinook and both my father-in-law and I had a lot of fun. I will be recommending him to my friends. If you want a good time, give him a chance. You won’t be disappointed.
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Marlin LeFever


I have fished with Paul 5-6 times now! He definitely knows what he is doing on the river. Every time I go out with him I learn new stuff! He is dedicated to making sure you catch fish. If it takes morning til night and your willing to sit out there, he will do it! I will be fishing with Paul a lot more in the near future! I would recommend him over any guide on the river!!
President –
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Travis Bishop


Going out with Great Northwest Rivers Guide Service is some of the best experiences fishing I have had on the river. I have caught to many fish to count! Sturgeon was probably the most fun I had with Paul. Paul has the ability to put you on Sturgeon! Weather you want to catch an oversize or a keeper! Paul knows where these fish are in the river and consistently catches them! If I were you I would get out with him as soon as possible!
Fishing Manager – Wholesale Sports
Brandon Evenson


Hi Paul, I’m glad I have had the chance of going on a guided sturgeon fishing trip with you on the Columbia River. Without a doubt is was the best fishing trip I have been on. I was able to seat back relax and fish. During my trip I ended up hooking and landing my first sturgeon ever, which was awesome! The fish measured out to 54 inches, it was HUGE! One of the things I will always remember about the trip was the outstanding service! You treated everyone on the boat that day just amazing.
Thanks again Paul,
Brandon Evenson
Justin Smeja


I’ve traveled 650 miles to fish with Paul Ambrose of Great NW Rivers Guide Service for 3 years now and we have yet to get skunked, he has always put me on fish. I’ll be booking trips with him for a lot more then the next 3 years that much is for sure. He is constantly fishing and always knows where the fish are. We always catch tons of fish and have a good time. If there is one thing this guy knows, it’s how to catch sturgeon. He speaks their language and that’s an understatement. Feel free to email me and ask me any questions you may have about the times I’ve booked trips with Great NW Rivers Guide Service. Bottom line is this guy will put you on fish.
Bill Williams


Hi I just want to let everybody out there know that I have been going out fishing with Paul for the last two years and have to say that I feel you couldn’t find a better guide if you tried. He put me on to my first Steelhead, Salmon, and Sturgeon and I have to say that I am hooked. I have been out with him close to 100 times in the past two years and can only remember four times that someone on the boat didn’t get a keeper. This guy knows how to fish and where they are. I am looking forward to going out fishing with him for many more years.
Josh Courtney


Fishing with Paul of Great Northwest Rivers Guide Service is an experience that you will remember for a lifetime. We fished oversized sturgeon with him and he guaranteed we’d hook into one. Not many guides will offer a guarantee like that unless they know where the fish are. And Paul knows exactly where they are! We hooked into our first oversized Sturgeon not more than 10 minutes after the first rod was in the water. Paul continued to keep us on fish all day. He has a passion for fishing that really shows and he loves to teach others about the sport he loves so much. I will without a doubt be fishing with Paul at Great Northwest Rivers Guide Service for many years to come.


Paul, I had the best 2 days of fishing in my life. My arms hurt just thinking about those monster sturgeon we kept hooking. I just booked another trip with you in June with my co-workers and I can’t wait to get back on the water. Your experience and knowledge of the river and where to catch the fish paid off. Looking forward to fishing with you again.
Dusty Prill
Woods Cross, Utah


This Sturgeon trip has got to top my list of the one of the coolest things I’ve done. Paul told me his depth finder and fish finder were broken but I had faith in him to put us on some fish and OH MY GOD!!! He did just that. Within 5 hours the 4 people in our group had caught over 50 Sturgeon and to my surprise I hooked an oversize of at least 400 pounds That was one of the coolest things to see jumping out of the water. Paul and his deck hand Dan were very cool guys and treated us very well. We will be booking more trips in the near future with Great NW River guides.    
Thanks Paul and Dan